John retired as informaticien (IT, system programmer, etc.) with the French Centre National de Recherche Scientifique in 2005 and has spent most of his time since reading, traveling, eating and drinking well, and being with his cats (two now) and dog and Siv.

Like lots of people, he is occasionally seized by the need to assemble his thoughts by writing them down. Or, he may just feel like discussing something that no one else is interested in. Hence, this blog.

John has often observed that when men (and perhaps women too) get older — reaching what is sometimes called the third age — their interests often change. Some become interested in world religions, one he has heard of went throught the writings of the great philosophers, some may decide to read all of Shakespeare or some other Great Author, some become engaged in a particular field or form of politics, and so on. Some really great ideas come to the fore, but some really awful ones too.

John has become fascinated by things he has been reading about science, especially physics and cosmology, neuroscience and evolutionary biology. He would like to have some at-least-approximate idea of the relation between the “real” world of physics and man’s internal, mental world. This subject has come up not only because of his science readings, but also indirectly from his and Siv’s visits to India through the interest that provoked in mankind’s “spiritual” characteristics, whatever that may mean — supposedly whatever is left over after you remove science.

This explains to some extent the doodlings, babblings and muddled thoughts which constitute a great part of this blog.

John does not really expect anyone else to read it. Well, maybe Siv. Sometimes.

Which does not really matter in the long run…